6 SEO Trends to Look out for in 2022

SEO trends

There’s no doubt that the world of SEO is constantly changing.

With Google’s secretive algorithms and frequent updates, it seems as though everyone is constantly playing catch-up in the world of search engine optimization. That isn’t a bad thing, though – especially if you find a way to get ahead.

One way to do just that is by keeping up with important SEO trends. With a new year on the horizon, there’s no better time to start looking ahead and see how you can boost your website now and reap the benefits in 2022.

Find out everything you need to know in this guide. 

1. Focus on Optimized Video Content

Videos aren’t new in the world of digital marketing, and they’ve been a popular hit among internet users for many years now. From Charlie bit my finger to funny cat videos, we’ve been obsessed with making these short clips viral for over a decade now! But, the importance of video is definitely expanding as we move forward.

The truth is that many people prefer to watch something than read about it (not everyone – you guys are still here!). Watching a human talk about your product or service is a great way to build better connections and humanize your brand. By incorporating video, you will expand your reach, engage more customers, and boost your SEO.

To make sure your videos are optimized for business advertising, always:

  • Include keywords in the video title
  • Use keywords and hashtags in video descriptions
  • Try to use keywords in the actual video content where possible

2. Are You Thinking About E.A.T-ing?

No, we’re not talking about your appetite. E.A.T is an acronym for expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness, and it’s used by Google to work out the quality of content. The higher the quality, the higher you’re going to rank.

E.A.T has been important for a little while now, but it’s expected to get even bigger in 2022. So, when creating SEO content, consider how Google works out how credible you are by looking at:

  • The purpose of the article
  • Have they used information from trusted, credible sources?
  • Have they included information about the author?
  • What’s the website’s reputation?

You need to be producing high-quality, relevant, and credible content that ticks all of these boxes. Back up your facts with great links and always include an author’s bio.

3. Responsiveness Shouldn’t Be Forgotten

Since 2015, making websites mobile-friendly has been a key part of Google’s SEO algorithm. But now Google is using mobile-first indexing, which isn’t new but is still highly relevant. 

Mobile-first indexing means that the search engine focuses on a website’s mobile version when ranking it rather than the original desktop version. In other words, your mobile site is where you want to shine.

A lot of businesses still haven’t caught on to this, so if you’re a bit behind, don’t worry! But now’s your time to catch up and work on your responsiveness, making sure you’re ready for an amazing 2022.

4. Long-Form Content Is the Future

The top SEO trends always include a lot about written content, and this year is no different. Now, there’s a change happening with how Google ranks content (remember E.A.T?), which means that longer-form content is viewed more favorably. 

Longer articles get the most organic traffic, but it needs to be well written to earn SEO points. To create long-form content that Google loves, follow these tips:

  • Break up content into multiple sections using headings
  • Create content your users are actually interested in
  • Make sharing content easy with social sharing buttons
  • Include plenty of facts and link to credible sources to back-up your information
  • Add quotes from experts

5. Adapt Your FAQs For Voice Search

A lot of the trends that you’ll see going into 2022 aren’t super new or revolutionary. On the most part, they’re old trends that are getting a little update here and there. But one thing that is changing is voice search.

Voice search is an aspect of digital marketing that’s been gaining traction recently. With 20% of mobile searches using voice capabilities and items like Alexa making it easier than ever, the world of voice-shopping is on the rise. So, how do you keep up?

The main thing to focus on is changing the questions you’re focusing on to suit voice search. If you’re writing a blog, consider how you can reflect the way someone may search for it on Alexa in your title and keywords? For example, rather than writing The top restaurants in your area, change it to The best Italian restaurants near me.

6. AI Isn’t Going Anywhere Yet

In business marketing, AI is a definite buzzword. It’s been slightly changing the way people use the internet and the ways brands market for some time, but it’s only really starting to pick up steam recently. 

One key area to take note of is Google’s RankBrain, an AI algorithm that analyzes your content to rank it. Google hasn’t revealed how this works yet, though the rumors are that it’s linked to user experience. Things like click-through rate and how long people spend browsing your site could all play a large factor in how RankBrain ranks you, so remember to keep putting the customer first in the year ahead. 

Stay Ahead of SEO Trends

When it comes to SEO trends, there are constantly new ideas, tips, and rumors hitting the news. Staying on top of these and working out which will benefit your business is absolutely vital to moving up those ranks and keeping your good work going. It’s time-consuming, sure, but it’s crucial!

If you think this all could be a little too much to add to your plate, we can help. At 961 Interactive, we have plenty of experienced marketers who can help you develop, implement, and monitor a strong SEO strategy. Get in touch with us today to find out more – we’re always happy to help!

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