Importance of SEO Marketing for Businesses

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Getting found online is a monumental challenge.

Consider the fact that there are more than 1.8 billion (yes, billion) websites. Also, factor in that many brands leverage decades of experience before they ever came online. Oh, and one more thing? You have the challenge of growing using always-evolving tech and best practices.

What can you do to increase your chances of getting found online? The answer is Search Engine Optimization.

The importance of SEO cannot be stressed enough. It’s through SEO best practices (and clever SEO strategies) that you’ll establish and grow your brand online.

The following goes into detail about the benefits of SEO. Let’s go!

Creating an Online Foundation for Success

An SEO strategy delivers a long-term plan for online placement.

Optimizing a page helps it rank higher for the primary keyword (and supporting ones).

If you consider every page a business asset then it will receive the support it needs to perform. That’s the deeper benefit of search engine optimization. The continual optimization of your site makes it appear more in search results. This leads to gaining those coveted 1st-page listings in Google — and with it a flood of traffic and leads!

In essence:

Optimization lends itself to developing a stronger brand, and this helps your business thrive in its market and industry.

Develop a Stronger User Experience and Engagement

The added bonus of exploring SEO is that it makes you develop a better user experience.

An SEO strategy makes you think of the data hierarchy and site interaction. By creating a structured site that’s simple to navigate you’re also implementing a major SEO factor! The result is a site that ranks well and follows usability best practices.

Better engagement also boosts how long individuals are on the site and the chance of a conversion.

Google’s drive is to deliver great experiences to its users. They don’t want top results littered with low-quality websites and business listings. Boosting the site’s engagement is a fantastic way of signaling that it has real value and quality. Visitors, too, will experience the difference. It’s at this moment they feel compelled to do business with you.

Driving (Free) Organic Leads to Your Online Business

One cannot talk about SEO benefits without mentioning lead generation.

The cost per acquisition for a business operating online can get quite high. One of the best ways to reduce the CPA price is by leveraging organic lead generation strategies. Particularly: using search listings and assets like guest posts.

Here’s how a business could leverage SEO for leads:

  1. Identify important topics and interests held by the community
  2. Develop and publish high-quality content (that’s optimized) on the site
  3. Build backlinks from relevant, authority websites to these content pieces
  4. Leverage connections and engagement to promote each piece of content
  5. Optimized the funnel to boost conversions and build upon the efforts

The content you create could include guides, FAQs, reviews, and interviews. Each can explore different formats, too, such as video, podcasts, graphics, and the like. The more of this content you create the more your site ranks for keywords. This lets the site rank for hundreds (even thousands) of keywords people are searching for.

You can then apply these same concepts as part of an outreach campaign.

Start creating and publishing content on relevant sites within your market and industry. This helps build backlinks, connections, and authority. You can funnel leads directly from these offers but the main goal is to leverage outreach to boost your site’s ranking. So, start by getting content on sites you know and then expand from there.

If you’re apprehensive about content creation and outreach then you can tap into professional inbound services.

Staying Relevant in Hyper Competitive Spaces

Hundreds of brands have likely launched since you began reading this post.

Even more of them will fade to obscurity by its end.

Staying relevant online is one of the hardest parts of running a business. There’s always someone else trying to get the market’s attention. Many will be successful in these endeavors which means you’ll need to do more to stay established.

If you’re not making the effort to stay relevant then your brand, like others, will fade away.

Search Engine Optimization gets your site ranking for important terms and phrases. This helps you become seen as a major player in its market simply by way of its placement. This placement also makes others want to connect and work with you.

The bonus? SEO is always evolving so that means you need to stay updated.

It’s easy to fall into the routine of going with “what has always worked”. Being forced to stay on the cutting edge will transfer to other aspects of your business. You will feel encouraged to learn and apply fresh tactics across the board.

Establishing Your Brand as a Trusted Authority

People want to know that they can trust a brand.

They also want to follow and back a brand that has authority in its space.

It’s hard to say you’re an authority figure if your online placement is buried deep in Google. SEO is, as you could guess, an effective way to build the rankings needed to stand out in a crowded niche. It also lends to creating this perception of authority and trust.

Higher rankings attract fellow business peers, too.

Connecting with peers leads to interesting opportunities such as outreach and marketing! As mentioned before, these end up boosting your site’s rankings and authority!

Don’t Discount the Importance of SEO

Many business owners discount the importance of SEO because they lack vision. They’re also looking for a quick return on investment vs long-term brand authority and placement

Don’t do this.

The benefits of SEO marketing are far too powerful to ignore.

If you’re ready to explore Search Engine Optimization then let’s talk.

Our team of digital marketing experts has the skills and solutions your brand needs to succeed. Let’s collaborate and get your site to dominate its space (and driving more leads and sales).

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