7 Email Marketing Mistakes That Are Costing You Money

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There are about 4 billion people that use their emails daily, which is why 64% of small businesses use email marketing to reach their customers. Email marketing is a great way to reach new clients and inform them about your products and services, as long as it is done correctly. 

However, there are many common email marketing mistakes that can cause your business to lose money. Do you want to learn more about the worst email marketing mistakes you can make? 

Keep reading this article to learn more about email marketing best practices and learn how to increase click rate with email marketing. 

1. Poor Subject Lines

One of the most common mistakes businesses make with email marketing is using a poor subject line. Subject lines are meant to hook the readers and encourage them to open the email for more information. 

If you have a poorly worded subject line, it may be the reason why your audience never opens your email or why they immediately delete it. 

Instead, you need to use your subject lines to show your users what they will gain from your email. Make sure they know that the email is worth their time! You should also ensure that there are no typos or incorrect information in your subject line. 

2. Purchasing a List of Emails

Many companies that are looking for a way to jumpstart their email marketing do this by purchasing a list of emails. However, this is one of the worst mistakes you can make. 

This is because bought lists do not provide you with any results. They are a list of random emails, so you have no way of knowing if the people fit your target audience. Plus, if people get emails from random companies, they will likely complain and block your emails. 

To get the best results, you must build your own list for your email marketing. 

3. Emailing Without Permission

Similarly, you should never email someone that has not given you permission. If they have not subscribed to your email list, it can be seen as spam and it may even be against the law. 

To make sure you don’t break any rules or cause any frustration, it is best to only email people that have given you their information and permission to send them your marketing materials. 

One email marketing tip you can use is having an opt-in checkbox after someone has made a purchase or visited your website. When someone has chosen to receive your emails, they will also be much more likely to open them and increase your conversions. 

4. Using Broken Links

Another serious issue that many companies make when sending out their marketing emails is using broken links. Email marketing is a valuable tool because it encourages your target audience to visit a page on your website. 

This is often a landing page or a page that you want more traffic to. However, if you include a broken link or the wrong link, you will not get any of these benefits. 

Instead, your users will click on a link that will not give them any additional information about your products or services. To avoid this issue, you must test out each of your links before sending your emails. 

5. Over-Sending Your Emails

Sending too many emails to your subscribers is another costly mistake that many business owners make. Because email marketing can be so successful, many businesses will keep sending out more and more emails to increase their traffic. 

If you do this, it will lead to user frustration and maybe the reason why your users unsubscribe from your email list. 

To avoid email burnout and to keep your customers from ignoring your emails, it is best to send out your messages strategically and not too frequently. 

6. Not Giving Subscription Options

Different people will have different preferences when it comes to receiving marketing emails. Because of this, it is essential that you give your target audience different subscription options. If you assume that your customers want to receive all of your emails, they may end up unsubscribing completely. 

To prevent this, you should give them control over their settings. 

Instead of unsubscribing, they can choose to only get one email a week or one email a month. This will keep them engaged with your brand and will keep them from getting frustrated with your emails. 

7. Overcrowding Your Content

Finally, it is important that you do not overcrowd your email content. Because many people don’t want to get bombarded with marketing emails, most businesses will try to fit as much information as they can into fewer messages. 

However, these cluttered messages are difficult to read and your target audience may end up deleting them. 

To increase the chance of them reading and acting on your email, it is important that you stick to one main message in your content. Don’t try to cram in too many deals or announcements in a single email. 

Need to Improve Your Email Marketing?

Learning how to improve your email marketing is a great way to connect with your customers and make more conversions on your website. By learning to avoid these bad email marketing practices, you can send better emails that are more likely to save you money. 

Do you need help learning to improve your email marketing? 961 Interactive can help! Our team offers services from email marketing to search engine optimization and more. 

Contact us today to learn more about our email marketing best practices and to start improving your online visibility and lead generation. 

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